We will have ASL interpreters for the speakers rally.

There will be an area near the rally stage (marked in yellow on the map) designated for people in wheelchairs, companions, and for those who need to sit during the speakers rally. Twenty chairs are available; if you would like to reserve a chair or some space in this area in advance, please email

The rally area is on the King St. side of the Capitol. The paved area is flat without steps, and is level with the sidewalk and streets. The side of the Capitol facing Martin Luther King St. is the easiest and most accessible way to get to the staging area because of the construction taking place on the King St. side (note: King St. is the corner of the Capitol, MLK St. is the side facing Monona Terrace). Please refer to the map above and email us with any questions.

The march itself will be a half mile, with a decline of about 100 feet along the way. Except for the construction, which we will be going around as we begin, the street is smooth for the rest of the route.

Click here for info on accessibility for Downtown Parking

Click here for information on Metro bus transit

Marshals will be on hand to assist anyone who needs assistance, so either ask ahead of time by emailing, or find a march Marshal volunteer with a taped armband.